Invite you to celebrate their marriage!

  • 22
  • November
  • 2019

We are so excited to celebrate our special day with our family and friends. Thank you so much for visiting our wedding website! Just some hours until we get married!


Our Love Story

First time we met

Funny story, or maybe not… It was love that brought us together. Not love for each other, but love for a shared passion – dance! We met in a dance group and we have been friends ever since, 9 years and counting. It has been a magical journey

We fell in love with each other

5 years into our friendship, we attended a private dinner with some thought leaders and as we exchanged ideas, we exchanged glances. We knew we had to be together, else we’ll be miserable for the rest of our lives. It was in that moment, we said yes to our bond or should we say #OurBUnd 😉.

We said yes to forever

It was a no-brainer. We were soulmates bound by several passions (business, dance, interests, food, the list is endless), our complementary traits, our love and respect for each other and most importantly our friendship! On July 29th, 2018 we said yes!

Now, we are getting married!

We have completed the whole 9 yards expected by African parents: Friendship, very close friendship, dating (over 3 years), proposal, knocking on the door, introductions, and now it’s time for the Wedding!


Are you attending?

Kindly respond before 1 November, 2019

Bridesmaid & Groomsman​

The Couple


Traditional Wedding


We invite you to join us in celebrating our love, the African way in Abuja. On this day We will marry the one we laugh with, live for, dream with & love.

Wedding Ceremony


We invite you to join us in celebrating our solemnization, the English way. We have chosen to celebrate this happy moment in a small private gathering.

After Party


Of course there is a party! Join us at La Scala’s Patio as we celebrate our first hours as a couple. There’ll be great people & music. You just have to BYOD.

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